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West Georgia 
Quilt Guild

Welcome to the West Georgia Quilters Guild website.  We are happy to have you visit and get to know us.   

WGQG is made up of quilt loving people.  We are young and old, experienced quilters and novices.  We love the colors, the creativity, and the camaraderie involved with quilt making.  

Since our beginning in 1987 our numbers have grown and our interests have expanded. WGQG has embraced the new trends in fabric, in style and in tools, but we still hold affection for the traditional.   

We have a monthly meeting as well as a weekly Stitch-In. See our  Meetings and Locations link.  Come join us.  

Mark your Calendar!

Tuesday, November 17th

7:00 pm   


It's as Easy as 1-4-9

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